CallMemo User Guide

 Main app screens and their functions:

************************call-main CallMemo icon on the right lower hand with 3 missed outgoing calls indicationMake sure CallMemo Smart Dialer will be accessible for imidiate use when you need to make a phone call.We mostly recommend that you drag the CallMemo icon into the lowest applications line on the iPone screen, or at least on your iPhone’s first screen
CallMemo dial screen
Touch the icon on the upper-right corner.
It will open your iPhone’s contacts list.
Select a contact and it will appear inside CallMemo dialer.On the upper-left corner of this screen there is the “paste” icon.
If you touch it after copying a phone number from incoming calls screen of the regular iPhone’s dialer or from a website, it will paste the number into the CallMemo dial screen.Now you can tap “Call” and make immediate regular call, or tap “Later” and schedule a call.
************************call-scheduler CallMemo call scheduler screenOn this screen you can schedule the date and time for your future planned call.You can also add a note that will appear in the pop-up reminder, when scheduled time to call will arrive.
*************************call-reminder-pop-up Call riminder pop-up (with voice indication) with your noteTouch “View” if you want to make the call or postpone it.Touch “Close” to ignore this call.
**************************call-Memo-pop-up Call riminder pop-up (with voice indication) with your noteTap “View” if you want to view this call details, postpone it by non-default period, change the note and postpone etc.Tap “Call” if you want to make the call immediately.Tap “Postpone by…” to postpone this call be a predefined period (this period may be modified in app settings).Tap “Cancel” to ignore this call.