CallMemo Smart Dialer™ is supposed to replace the iPhone’s standard dialer for outgoing calls.

To maximize the CallMemo Smart Dialer, preferably to make all the outgoing calls from CallMemo dialer.
This way, after ending a conversation, if it ends in words such as: “Let’s talk again tomorrow at 10 AM” you will be able to immediately set up a future scheduled call within two screen touches.

CallMemo Dialer was designed so that it looks and operates as the regular iPhone dialer. This ensures that iPhone users will imediately feel comfortable with CallMemo Smart Dialer.

Using CallMemo additional smart features is intuitive and simple. We are confident that within a few minutes of usage you will learn how to use CallMemo Smart Dialer and maximize its benefits.

First of all, make sure CallMemo Smart Dialer will be accessible for imediate use when you need to make a phone call.
We mostly recommend that you drag the CallMemo icon into the four favorite apps line in the lowest part of iPhone’s home screen. This way you can reach it from any screen, and use it as your regular outgoing calls dialer. Alternatively, you may locate the CallMemo Dialer at your first screen.

Making regular outgoing calls with CallMemo feels exactly like with the regular dialer. The only difference is that in CallMemo Smart Dialer the contact list button is located in “Dial” screen.

Basic user guide

Schedule a future call

First enter into the “Dial” screen where you have 3 options to insert a number to dial:

  1. Type the desired number.
  2. Call from the Contacts list – go into “Dial” screen, click the Contacts list icon on the upper-right corner and select a contact exactly as you are used to do on the built-in dialer
  3. “Paste” a phone number on CallMemo dial screen – if you have copied a phone number from a Web site or from the incoming calls screen of the built-in dialer, one click on the “paste” icon located on the upper-left corner will paste the number on the “Dial” screen.

To execute an immediate call tap the “Call” button.

To schedule a future call tap the “Later” button. Call screen will be opened and you will be able to set the exact time for the planned call, and even write a note that will appear on the reminder pop-up message near the call button.

Scheduling a continue call to a just completed call

After ending a conversation, or if the number was busy, you can perform a scheduled call to that number.
To do this, after ending a phone call, return to the CallMemo. Your last call details Screen will appear. You can also write a reminder note. Select the desired time for the scheduled call, then tap the “Done” button. You can also write or update the note.

Pay attention: If you haven’t used CallMemo smart dialer to make the original call, and you need to schedule a continue call, act as explained in “Schedule a future call”.

Execute a scheduled phone call in two screen touches

When scheduled call time arrives, a “Call Memo” pop-up screen, with the voice indication will appear.

To execute the scheduled call, press “View” button on the pop-up screen. “Call initiation” screen with 4 buttons will appear. To make the call just tap the “Dial” button.

You can also postpone the call in two ways:

  • By using the “View” button that allows to postpone to any desired time.
  • By using the “Postpone by…” button, that will postpone the scheduled call by a default short period of time that was defined in advance in “More” tab.

You can also cancel the call using the “Cancel” button. In this case, the application’s icon will indicate a missing call sign and the missing call record will be red, indicating a missing outgoing call. Similar indicator appears when you will ignore the reminder of a scheduled call.

The Indicator number on the CallMamo icon, and the red record will highlight the missed outgoing scheduled calls that you still need to make.

This ensures that you never forget to make a scheduled call, even if you were busy and could not make the call at the scheduled time.

You can always reschedule or delete it entirely from the list, if it’s no longer relevant.

More explanations

Quick postpone call button

On “Call initiation” pop-up screen and on “Call screen”, there is a “Postpone by…” button. Tapping it will postpone the scheduled call by a predefined minutes amount. This pre-setting is editable in “More” tab.

“Calls” screen

This screen is divided into two subdivisions:

  • “Scheduled” – planned calls that have an exact execution date and time.
  • “Regular” – planned calls that don’t have an exact execution date and time.

Clicking on each row will make an instant phone call.

Clicking the right arrow on each row will open the detailed call screen, where the scheduling options and comments addition are available.

“History” screen

Lists all those calls we’ve made, including the notes attached to those calls.

From this screen you can also make an immediate call, or set a future scheduled call, just like in the “Calls” screen.

“Favorites” screen

This is a sophisticated Favorites screen, which includes three options for displaying your favorite contacts, including the possibility of viewing an image of the contact person.

The triple button in the header of this screen changes the favorite screen display