• Why do I need CallMemo?
    Because with CallMemo it is as if you have a personal secretary that schedules for you and remindes you to make your calls.
    when you use CallMemo dialer for outgoing calls, you can schedule a comtinue call with a reminder within two screen tach. Operating CallMemo dialer is very similar to the regular iPhone dialer, but CallMemo smart dialer is much better than the regular dialer, becasee of it’s call schedule and reminder abilities, that operates so easy, and more usefull smart fichers.
  • What happends if I have missed a call reminder?
    After a miutes, the pop-up disapears, or not active. then, an indication apears on CallMemo icon – a number of your missed outgoing calls. It will remindes you that you have missed outgoing call. When you’ll open CallMemo call list, you will see your missed outgoing call in red color. you can tip on it and make the call, or re-schedule it for later.
  • If I schedule a call for a week ahead from now, How will I remember what is it about?
    In the CallMemo schedule screen, there is a place to write notes that apears in the call reminder pop-up screen.
  • Can I install CallMemo on Android or Blackberry?
    Not yet – a version for Android and Blackberry devices are at development procedures.
  • Does it takes time to lern how to use CallMemo smart dialer?
    CallMamo is as easy to use as the iPhones’ regular dialer. it has the same look and feel. Scheduling and other smart options are very intuitive to use.
  • Why should I invite my friends to CallMemo?
    There are two good reasons for you to invite your friends: The first one – if you are a good friend, you want to shere good things with your friends. The second one – you don’t want your friends to have that excuse: “I forgot to call you”…
  • I have riminder option in my diary, so what’s the big news of CallMemo?

    Actialy, you can use your diary to write remindres for outgoing calls, you can also write notes on paper. but it is awkward and not conviniate, so most of us, just don’t do it, and miss a lot of outgoing calls we had to do.

    Schedule a call with CallMemo is much faster and easyer then any alternative option. only two screen touch. so, we actualy use it. A nother big advantage is that, unlike the to-do diary reminder, CallMemo reminder, enable you to make the call with two screen touch, straight from the call reminder pop-up.