CallMemo Smart Dialer – a “must have” application for iPhone. An app that makes your iPhone a smarter telephone device. Call Memo is a smart dialer with a “private secretary” that schedules and reminds you to perform pre-scheduled calls with two screen touches. In addition, CallMemo contains more essential useful smart and easy-to-use functions. With CallMemo you will never forget to call! CallMemo replaces the regular iPhone dialer for outgoing calls. It schedules outgoing calls with two screen touches. When scheduled time for an outgoing call arrives, a pop-up reminder with sound appears on the screen. If you ignore the call reminder then a highlighted indication will remind you so until you will make the call or delete it. Get CallMemo now and from now on you will not forget to call! Get the full CallMemo app for free with scheduling option available for 30 days! After 30 days, if you will find the “private secretary” function of scheduling and reminding your outgoing calls useful, you will be able to purchase this option for unlimited time for just 1.99 USD. Note that the rest of CallMemo functionality will continue to function even without the purchase. CallMemo – makes your SmartPhone smarter!